Dawn of Sorrow - Abandoned ballroom inside a derelict castle, France

Back to the Past

The discovery of real scenes of lives frozen in time


Abandoned Places still furnished. Marks of life, of an existence in places where time seems to have stopped from one day to the next. Questioning is the keyword here.

In the heart of these places, we attend to real scenes of lives that have remained frozen in time. This feeling of sudden abandonment is disturbing. The imaginary linked to haunted houses, urban legends and nightmares are highlighted in these time capsules.

A dilapidated facade, shutters which crack, and a terrible silence are the elements of the spectacle which are offered to the individual who dares to venture near such structures. Those desolate scenery are invigorating and characterized by a true aesthetic of chaos. Chaos which through the play of lights and shadows, offer poetic scenes.

The residual atmosphere of these places brings us to the subjects of lost souls and ghostly silhouettes that wander aimlessly. Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be that silhouette, that shadow that sends shivers to passers-by ?

To live a life of a long wandering in a world ravaged by a sudden and violent event. To be lost in a colorless dimension where the palette of colors to paint this world of nothingness seems limited. To survive in a universe of ruins where time has stopped during your journey to the other dimension.

Visiting these decadent buildings gave us a similar experience. Plunged into a deafening gloom and into decayed but poetic and picturesque rooms, we had become these silhouettes. Horrific silhouettes lurking in the middle of the night.

A true hymn to melancholy, these places evokes both despair and decadence. Whatever their true stories, we cannot help but imagine chivalrous tales all ending with a tragic fatality: the fall of a kingdom.

No need for a time machine when walking through a sealed door allows you to go centuries back in time.

This series is our testimony of lost memories and beauty of decadence.


Prince Déchu - Abandoned castle in france

Mindset - Abandoned palace in portugal
Reliques du Passé - Abanboned manor still fully furnished, France

Myst - Abandoned castle with stunning hidden library, France
Million Voices - Abandoned Manor in France

La Decadente Aristocrazia - Abandoned castle in France
Angeli - Abandoned Villa in Italy

The Last King - Abandoned unknown castle in the middle of the french countryside

Dawn of Sorrow - Abandoned ballroom inside a derelict castle, France
Segreti - Abandoned villa, Italy

Le Fantôme d'à Côté - Abanboned manor still fully furnished, France
Abandoned room with a french pool inside a derelict castle

Abandoned bathtub inside a derelict castle located in the south of France

Silent Hill - Abandoned Castle in Italy
Prélude - Abandoned Manor in France

Colorno - Abandoned asylum in Italy
Alter Ego - Abandoned house in a high state of decay in the south of France

Hollow Shadow - Abandoned villa in Italy

Spirit of Books - Abandoned Castle in France
Mushroom - Abandoned House in France

L'armonia della dissonanza - Abandoned Winter Garden in Italy
Gloomy Forecast - Abandoned casino in France

Giant pool of abandoned thermal baths in the French countryside
A Cure For Life

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