Kelenföld Powerplant : An Industrial Gem

Inaugurated in 1914, the Kelenföld power plant located in the Hungarian capital was one of the most advanced power station in Europe.

Designed and built by two talented architects (Kálmán Reichl and Virgil Bierbauer), the power station, despite its industrial vocation, soon became a veritable palace of esthetics. In fact, it is one of the most remarkable examples of “Art-deco” masterpiece. A true love story between design and technology is transcribed throughout the entire plant, reflecting the optimism of the electrical era of the early 20th.

The control room of the power station today
The control room of the power station back in 1927

Thanks to its historical value, the traditional parts of the power plant are protected by the Hungarian law. Thus, it is safe from demolition. However, this also means that a potential restoration is impossible, leaving this gem to deterioration. 

The site supplied energy to the city of Budapest until 2007, when the oldest part of the power station was closed. Since then, the slow degradation of the building has only increased its mystical aspect. 

Today, closed to the public, the control room is frequently used for movie sets. Recently, as a torture room in the Netflix film “6 Underground” or as a feeding room in the NBC television series Dracula. 

Coveted by urban explorers from all over the world, the plant was easy to visit for a short period of time during which guided tours were regularly organized. However, this is now over. It is in this context that the place has gain a reputation of being “difficult and risky” in terms of exploration. Indeed, today, being able to stand inside this architectural gem is often an achievement. 

The basement of Kelenföld built with long corridors

In order to have the chance to visit this place, we had to be patient and clever. Indeed, guarded and monitored, a preparation beforehand was more than necessary. 

Thus, on a right day, we were ready to make one of our dreams come true. It is after long minutes of hesitation that we decide to go for it. Ensued, hours of searching within the complex in order to find the famous control room, which had then turned into a real grail for us. 

It is with suspicion and excitement that we finally arrive at the heart of the complex. These feelings were quickly replaced by wonder. 


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